Unhealthy brood

Is this symptom present?



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  1. Uncap any suspect cells.
  2. Hold the frame by the lugs at either end of the top bar and turn it upside down.
  3. Position the sun or a source of artificial light behind you so that it shines into the cells.
  4. Manipulate the frame up and down so that you can clearly see the base or the content of the cells.
  5. If any cell has failed to hatch, while the others around it have, it should be uncapped and the larva exposed.
  6. The cap can easily be removed by scraping it away with your hive tool or a dry grass stalk.
  7. Once exposed the larva needs to be closely examined (return to the main App for instructions on how to do this and what to look for).
  8. Closely examine any larva that appears to have died and "collapsed" on to the bottom wall of the cell. Dead larva can range from white to coffee brown in colour.