How to use this app

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  1. AFB shares a number of symptoms with other diseases and has one definitive symptom, (pupal tongue). In this application symptoms are given numerical values which are added towards a final score. The higher the score, the greater the chance that a hive is infected with AFB.
  2. This application is designed so that you can compare the symptoms illustrated, with the symptoms present in your hive.
  3. Tap the photos on each page to enlarge them.
  4. If you decide that your hive is displaying a symptom, then that symptoms "score" is accumulated. You will not see the scores. They are added in the background.
  5. Instructions on how to look for and interpret each symptom, are displayed in the associated "instructions" screen.
  6. Some symptoms or circumstances are "non visual", but are still important and need to be considered. These are listed after the visual symptoms.
  7. Your final result will be displayed towards the end of the application.
  8. What you do next is covered under the "What to do next" page.